Friday, April 17, 2009

LO's for Alison

Well, despite having a load of wedding invites to finish today...I totally diverted and made an LO for a challenge, then, if that wasn't bad enough...I did another.
both LO's are of my niece Alison (how lucky am I to have such a cutie subject!!)

I'm making a scrapbook for her and have about 13 LO's left to finish it.
In the meantime, I sent her a card making set and she has started already. So, Italy watch out...Miss Gussago is creating!!!


Elaine said...

These are stunners Babs as is your niece, I absolutely love the way you have sliced the photo up... two very gorgeous layouts :)

Elaine x

pinky said...

She is a cutie, love the layout. Those flowers are gorgeous.

Neasa said...

That girl has the most amazing eyes I've ever seen. She must be a joy to scrap (in the crafty sense!) Glad to see doing some more LO's. They are gorgeous.

kiki's page said...

oh babs i loved these when i saw them the colours are amazing.

those eyes are beautiful, she will knock em dead when she gets older.