Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In loving Memory

It's 7 years today since my darling Mam, Monica, passed away.
She hated memorials in the newspaper, but my Dad published one for a few years anyway.
But , Blog wasn't around I can do my own little memorial on the sly.
If I said all I wanted to say, I'd fill several blogs....I miss her as much today as I did 7 years ago. She was wonderful, artistic, loving and fun to be with. A great cook, sociable, totally family oriented and an inspiration.
"Love you - love you too"


Dianne said...

Babs, that is a lovely tribute for a lovely lady.

kiki's page said...

aww babs that is really lovely, sounds like you inherited all of your mams qualities and looks too.


Anonymous said...

Ah Babs that is a great idea & a great way to keep your mams memory alive without going against her wishes! X

JACKIE M said...

Babs,that is lovely and I agree with Karina{{{hugs}}} x