Friday, February 29, 2008

Mothers Day

My Mother Monica - love you, miss you. Happy Mothers Day xxx

Mothers Day on Sunday and I think I shed a tear for every mothers day card I made for orders. My own darling mother Monica passed away almost 6 years ago and I miss her more today than I did yesterday. It doesn't get easier, you don't get over it - you get through it. I took up card making after she died and I know she would have been so interested and would have tried it herself. She, is where I get any artistic ability from. She was a fabulous knitter (I never could) . My Dad's relatives in Australia still brag about the Aran jumpers they have that she knit- not many of us had the pleasure of owning one of her creations because she knit them for a shop. She had a great interest in creating things and over the years we tried many ventures together. We did a floral arranging course and I went on to do more. We made "dolly" hair slide holders and I sold them in work - we made a fortune! Most of my family have an interest in my card making ventures but she would have loved it and I miss not being able to show her or to even ask her opinion. So, sadly none of these cards are for her, but I know that she knows, if she was still with us, she'd have received the most special of my efforts.

And here a few cards, some lucky people had the chance to send:

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cards for the Famous!

It's not very often I get order for cards for "famous" people, then 3 orders came together.
A christening card for comedian, Tommy Tiernan's baby: For some stange reason I didn't take a photo of it. Some day, I hope to bump into him because there is a funny story about the card. I used a new "swirly" font on the card and it was only when I had the whole thing done that I realised the "swirls" where shadows of posing naked women!!! I had to use a lot of gems to cover them up!

Then a thank you card for childrens book author Judi Curtin:
I decided to go with a book style card. The verse is in Irish, and luckily a native Irish speaker spotted a typo before I handed it over (thanks Neasa) - phew

Then, I was asked to make a congratulaions card for hat designer Philip Tracey. It HAD to be in the Galway colours of maroon and white and feature a hat. I was so nervous making this. The hat is made from stripes of maroon velvet with a jewel embellishment. Apparently, he was quite impressed with it. I made similiar ones for his brother and other people at the G Hotel who were involved in his first solo hat show in Ireland.

Can't sleep

Feeling tired, but can't sleep, so I've done some tidying up in my photobucket and have been fiddling round with some ideas for competitions. Not done too bad so far, entered two competions on the Cara Craft Supplies forum and won both! So, ya never know, could be third time lucky.
Thought I'd show the past entries

This one had to feature a CD and buttons (the CD is covered in ribbon)

And this one had a fashion theme

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

a card for Nancy

This is a bit spooky. I made this card for my friend Nancy. There are 5 of us who get together for meals, week-ends, getting wasted and chatting up the drunks in Navan! and this image might as well be a picture of the five of us.

Having given the card to Nancy on Friday before we got wasted.... it's agreed that she is the one on the right , in green, I am in red, Jackie is in yellow - we just have to decide which is Fiona and which is Niamh.
So, for now - I'm just calling this one " 5 friends"

Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday again

Where do the weekends go???
Spent most of mine sourcing products for wedding invites. Had some luck and some help from the girls at - the bottomless pit of information!

Got one wedding order finished - collected and paid for, so that's another one off the list.

I've also added a counter to my blog - I'm getting so technical, I'm amazing myself. It will be interesting to see how many visitors swing by. Might even add music next, once I figure out how to!
Also have to add software from my new digital camera onto the computer. I took a load of shots during christmas and need to have them uploaded. Then, somewhere down the line, I'll need a course on how to use it properly - I've inflicted many injustices on mine and others peoples work by taking crap pictures, or just using the scanner.
Right, Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho, it's off to work I go.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

3D stand alone cards

These are among my favourite design in cards. They are A5 in size and they don't open like traditional cards - just remove from the box and stand it up.
Most of these were made using brass stencils for the aperture, but you can just make one by cutting a square aperture window. They are ideal for placing decoupage images, which I do most of the time.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentines Day - bah humbug!

Valentines day is a bit "Bah humbug" for me. And for lots of other Dubliner's it's a day we dread.
Not only is it a day for lovers, but it's also the anniversary of the Stardust fire. One of the blackest days our capital has seen.

My ex-boyfriend, but best friend David, was only 19 when he died trying to rescue some of his work mates. He did get out, but went back in for them and was killed when the roof collasped. He had asked me to go with them, but I couldn't and I'm forever haunted by what would have happened if I did go....would he be alive now....would I also be dead?
He had saved my life only 2 months before that, when he dragged me from the path of a speeding taxi.

I used to go to his grave every year but then felt it was unfair to my husband - so now I just have silent chats with him every now and then.

So, as I wade through all my valentine cards (not lol) I'll be thinking of him and all the others who perished and their families.

Wednesday 13th February

Saturday, February 9, 2008

wedding invites

The orders for wedding invites are coming in thick and fast. Word seems to be spreading in the Garda workforce. Just got a nice order from the 4th Garda member - not complaining.

I really like this design, it's very weighty and "smacks" of expensive - but it's not. I'm planning on doing a load of sample based on this design:

Monday, February 4, 2008


Not sure if I have Mondayitis or still have that nagging feeling to take the card-making lark by the throat and decide whether to invest in a serious piece of kit and just concentrate on wedding invites.
I have orders for over 30 cards and the thought of tackling them is daunting. I think I put away my mojo with the christmas decorations.

I've taken loads of pictures of cards with my new digital camera but haven't yet loaded the software onto the computer. It involves crawling under the desk and just ain't in the mood.