Friday, February 29, 2008

Mothers Day

My Mother Monica - love you, miss you. Happy Mothers Day xxx

Mothers Day on Sunday and I think I shed a tear for every mothers day card I made for orders. My own darling mother Monica passed away almost 6 years ago and I miss her more today than I did yesterday. It doesn't get easier, you don't get over it - you get through it. I took up card making after she died and I know she would have been so interested and would have tried it herself. She, is where I get any artistic ability from. She was a fabulous knitter (I never could) . My Dad's relatives in Australia still brag about the Aran jumpers they have that she knit- not many of us had the pleasure of owning one of her creations because she knit them for a shop. She had a great interest in creating things and over the years we tried many ventures together. We did a floral arranging course and I went on to do more. We made "dolly" hair slide holders and I sold them in work - we made a fortune! Most of my family have an interest in my card making ventures but she would have loved it and I miss not being able to show her or to even ask her opinion. So, sadly none of these cards are for her, but I know that she knows, if she was still with us, she'd have received the most special of my efforts.

And here a few cards, some lucky people had the chance to send:


Dianne said...

Lovely words Babs. Made me think about my Dad.

Elisa said...

Oh, Barbara, that's sweet and hearbreaking at the same time... {hugs}

The day before Mother's Day I was driving past a cemetery and when I saw the amount of cars there it just made me so sad, that that's Mother's Day mean for lots of people.

I am glad that you have lots of beautiful memories of her.