Saturday, February 16, 2008

3D stand alone cards

These are among my favourite design in cards. They are A5 in size and they don't open like traditional cards - just remove from the box and stand it up.
Most of these were made using brass stencils for the aperture, but you can just make one by cutting a square aperture window. They are ideal for placing decoupage images, which I do most of the time.


Jessandmycraftythings said...

Hi Babs,
Just want to ask about the cards in boxes, do you mean its not a card you open, its just a flat piece of card where you write on the back (if you want to) and goes into a box?
Sorry to be a silly moo!

sandidune said...

The cards are A5, and then another piece of card, which has been scored and folded to form, like a square bay window effect is attached to the front. The embellishment and verse all go on the front and/or any writing you want. It doesn't open , but stands up by itself because it's 3D