Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cards for the Famous!

It's not very often I get order for cards for "famous" people, then 3 orders came together.
A christening card for comedian, Tommy Tiernan's baby: For some stange reason I didn't take a photo of it. Some day, I hope to bump into him because there is a funny story about the card. I used a new "swirly" font on the card and it was only when I had the whole thing done that I realised the "swirls" where shadows of posing naked women!!! I had to use a lot of gems to cover them up!

Then a thank you card for childrens book author Judi Curtin:
I decided to go with a book style card. The verse is in Irish, and luckily a native Irish speaker spotted a typo before I handed it over (thanks Neasa) - phew

Then, I was asked to make a congratulaions card for hat designer Philip Tracey. It HAD to be in the Galway colours of maroon and white and feature a hat. I was so nervous making this. The hat is made from stripes of maroon velvet with a jewel embellishment. Apparently, he was quite impressed with it. I made similiar ones for his brother and other people at the G Hotel who were involved in his first solo hat show in Ireland.

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