Friday, March 7, 2008

Ladies Night

The ladettes get together tomorrow night (friday) well, all except Niamh (bottom r/h) gawd love her, she had to go to Hong Kong to accompany her in-laws half way to Australia.
So, for the other four of us, it's off to Lusk to chomp our way through 3 courses at Fionas (top L/H) all washed down with one or maybe two bottles of red heaven!
So, it'll be hangovers galore me thinks. We do start off with the best of intentions but by 3am we couldn't give a damn! And by 6am when the sun is leaping in the sky, we'll sit there blurry eyed still debating something we started at 12.30, and I will have consumed 8 espressos fooling myself into thinking I won't have a "head" on me the next day.
Anyway, buddy friend Nancy (bottom L/H) is collecting me at 7.30 and Jackie (midddle top) will meet us there.
I've a funny feeling that a drunken phone call to Hong Kong will happen at about 4 a.m.
Will someone record what happens on Saturday, because I'll probably have no memory of the day as I'll be catching up on hours of lost sleep. But it's so worth it - that's what friends are for.
This is one of the rare pics of all of us together. It was taken at "The SnowBall" - a charity event, aparrently held every year. Sadly, there were too many Tarquins, Jeremy's and Chantelles there for my liking, so won't be going again. It wasn't their false poshness that put me off - just their blatant rudeness. Despite the Tarquins having fat cigars in their mouths, they still could talk so loudly we couldn't hear a moving plea by the charity principal - Christina Noble. I'll shut up now otherwise I'll just rant about the horsey set and their "daddies" who paid for their tickets and frocks!

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Neasa said...

Is Tarquin even a real name?!!! Yeah, give me a knees up in the local any night/day/both Barbara!! With good friends to share it with. Perfect!
Hope ye all had a fantastic night.