Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentines Day - bah humbug!

Valentines day is a bit "Bah humbug" for me. And for lots of other Dubliner's it's a day we dread.
Not only is it a day for lovers, but it's also the anniversary of the Stardust fire. One of the blackest days our capital has seen.

My ex-boyfriend, but best friend David, was only 19 when he died trying to rescue some of his work mates. He did get out, but went back in for them and was killed when the roof collasped. He had asked me to go with them, but I couldn't and I'm forever haunted by what would have happened if I did go....would he be alive now....would I also be dead?
He had saved my life only 2 months before that, when he dragged me from the path of a speeding taxi.

I used to go to his grave every year but then felt it was unfair to my husband - so now I just have silent chats with him every now and then.

So, as I wade through all my valentine cards (not lol) I'll be thinking of him and all the others who perished and their families.


JACKIE M said...

Sorry to hear you had a friend in the Stardust, its a horrible time for everyone involved, its so sad.

Neasa said...

Oh Barbara, thats so sad. Thinking of everyone affected by that fire.

Karen said...

That's so sad Barbara. I seen them laying a wreath on the News on Sunday night, very sad.