Saturday, August 9, 2008

Italy - the holiday

another view from the balcony.
The view from the Balcony (Lake Garda in the distance)

The house at Polpenazza

Just spent 8 glorious days with Annette, Piero and Alison in Italy. It's great having a sister who lives in one of my favourite places to holiday.

Things didn't get off to a great start. Robert broke his arm but we didn't realise it until we got there. So, it was hospital A&E for the 1st two days. His arm is now in plaster for 4 weeks. He couldn't use the swimming pool and our trip to Garda Land was cancelled. He wouldn't have been able to go on any of the rides. Gerry too ended up at the hospital with a nasty mossie bite. So he got tetenus shots and anti-biotics. Big thanks to Roberto for organising prompt attention at the hospital.
Alison has gotten so big and she spoke english to us all the time and taught me some Italian. For a four year old, I think she has been here before!
We got our usual invitation to Polpenazza for dinner. Angelo and Santina laid on a beautiful meal and we took a tour of his fantastic orchard and garden. It's hard to believe they just spend weekends and holidays here. Angelo did steak and ribs on a massive barbeque and Santina made her "to-die-for" lasagne.
More thanks go to Luigi (Gigi) for his running around from Pharmacy to Pharmacy.
The food as always was fantastic. I am forever jealous of the range they have on offer at the supermarkets. And the wine...............5.00 euro for 1.5 litres of Chianti !!! So, lots of that consumed. Brought back some rissotto and a lovely bean,porchini mushroom and onion mixture which Dad devoured half of when he came yesterday.And of Bought 4 pairs and got a pair from Annette - so not bad.
Didn't get to see Marino this trip. His mother is not in the best, so he doesn't visit as much.
Sad to leave behind the 30 degree heat and sunshine, expecially coming back to the dreary weather here.
We'll plan another holiday later in the year to make it up to Robert.

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Elisa said...

Great photos, glad you had a lovely time, I hope you get back to Italy soon and Robert can enjoy Gardaland this time.

We're just back from Italy, probably not very far from you, as we were by the lake and very close go Gardaland. My kids loved it!