Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hello Blog

It's been almost two months since I updated my stuff. Where does the time go?
Just been so busy with this and that and what not!
The wedding invite side of things has just taken off like a greyhound. I got all organised, I registered my company name, ear-marked a web designer (who seems to have dissappeared, judging by the height of the grass in his front garden!) Did a load of samples and organised a fab photographer. But it's been so hectic, I haven't had the chance to even think about it. And yet, 2 more orders came in from referrals. The down side is....both weddings are on Sept 13th, so I will be up to my wobbly bits for most of July.
Myself and Gerry tried to organise a family holiday and to our horror, between our work committments, we can only squeeze in 9 days at the end of July. So, off to Italy, to visit my sister Annette and family. she had planned major work on her house, which was due to start in April, so a visit would have been out of the question. But now her builder can't start till september - yippee.
We haven't seen her for over 6 months, when she came here for christmas. Little Alison is refusing to speak English unless she wants to ask me to bring over some Tayto.
Robert is so looking forward to the trip and was even more excited when Annette phoned this evening to tell him she got a new swimming pool in.

On a sadder note...little Guppy is a gonner. Our huge goldfish guppy seems to have dissappeared from the garden pond. 2 cats have been lurking and it looks like one got lucky. Every time I look out into the garden, I get a horrible mental image of the poor fish gasping while in the clutches of a hungry moggie! The other eight fishies are now protected with a fine netting, and I've notched up another reason why I hate cats!
I was going to post up some pics but just realised it's 1.51 am - perhaps another day.