Saturday, August 9, 2008

My niece Alison - cheesy feet!

Not easy to get a photo of this cheeky monkey. She pulls faces if you ask her to smile.
She couldn't wait for us to visit. She had a birthday cake organised for Robert and did 3 pictures for us - all wrapped in ribbon.
Thankfully, she decided to speak english to us. She spoke only Italian when Dad was there a few weeks back.
We call her cheesy feet. She loves to play cheesy feet telephone. I pretend her foot is a phone and tell her ,her feet are cheesy smelly - she belly laughs at this.
This pic doesn't really look like her - don't know why - but I love it anyway.

Had to take 5 shots of her before I got one with a normal face.

This is her "say cheese" look!

A water baby if ever I saw one. She can't swim just yet, but has no fear of water.

She taught me how to say "Hello, how are you" and "Can I help you" in Italian, but only because we were playing a "McDonalds Game". We played it for hours. I never want to see plastic chips,a red and yellow bleeping cash-register or fake burgers again!
But really hoping we'll see her before her 5th birthday in December.

I'm planning to do some LO's with the pics I've taken. I got two new albums and lots of papers and stuff to make a start.