Friday, March 28, 2008


Still no news on Dad. He's had test after test and the Doctors still can't find the source of the infection. He looked a bit brighter yesterday and has managed to eat.He looked tired but that's to be expected - he got little or sleep with all the goings-on in the ward.

Niamh - I'm dying to hear all about Hong Kong, glad you decided to go in the end. Looks like the next full get together will be well into April. Like Jackie, I'm a bit pushed for time before that.

Glad to see weddings aren't going out of fashion. I still haven't finalised my wedding invite web-site, but haven't had to either. Another bride chose her invites this week and TG, she picked nice simple ones!

And finally, Thank You , to the Ladies and Gents of the Seniors Group. A took a group of them to and from church and to lunch on Good Friday and they sent me a gorgeous card. they are a fantastic bunch and have great fun and craic with each other.


Elisa said...

Big cyberhug, I hope the docs find the source of your dad's infection.

Neasa said...

Barbara hun, hope ye get some news soon. I know, it's horrible seeing your loved ones in hospital.
You and your family are in my thoughts tonight hun.{{{{hugs}}}}