Sunday, March 23, 2008

Monday - it's a day off

Hooray for Bank holidays.

I've had a busy weekend and an eventfull week.

Like most crafters, I am a member of a couple of forums, Cara Craft Supplies Group and an EBay group. Sadly, things fell apart in the EBay group, one day we were one happy family, the next splat!! I was a moderator in the group and myself and the group leader had a complaints issue to deal with. In the end, it turns out we could have handled things differently, so now we know....but it resulted in one member letting rip on me, and totally blaming me for everything. I can get over the likes of her no problem. The best part is, that myself and the "friendliest woman on the planet" have started our own EBay Group - Celtic Crafters - all new members welcome.
And the whole experience feels so refreshing. A new beginning, and leaving behind bitter women, with sewer mouths.
From a crafting point of view, I was busy stamping ..bride and groom images for wedding invites. Got to stamp and heat emoboss over 200 it may take me a while. I also got some work done for a competition and played with my new craft robo for a bit to do some cards for charity.

I'm stuffed, with lamb and easter eggs - but can't think a nicer mix to be stuffed on.

Thanks for calling by - don't forget to leave your mark - all comments are taken with a light heart.
Enjoy your day of relaxation tomorrow.


Anonymous said...
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sandidune said...

as I said, all comments are welcome, but at least be brave enough to say who you are. Annoymous comments will be treated as "spam" and deleted.