Thursday, October 30, 2008

Special Cards

Every now and then I'm asked to make a card and I'd love to see the recipients face. That was the case with this one. It's a lovely story with a happy ending.
A baby girl was left on the steps of a church and found by the Saristan. 4 years later, her adoption has been finalised and her family are having a mass and party to celebrate. This card is from the man who found her.
I didn't get to see her when she opened it - pity. But I'm sure she'll add it to her collection of newspaper clippings and everything else she has about her story.


Elaine said...

Thats just beautiful Babs :) what a lovely story behind your card :)

Thanks for linking my candy and good luck in the draw!!!

Elaine x

CraftyC said...

What a fabulous outcome, your card is beautiful and a great keepsake!

Bev said...

love this card, the little dress is lovely.

SandieShores said...

That card is gorgeous!!!! I'm sure she'll treasure it! :)

Anonymous said...

that is gorgeous! Love the little dress...adorable. Left an award over on my blog...jus' cos you inspire me, thanks!